Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Lush Massage Bars

I love Lush massage bars! I use mine all the time (and not just for massages). They're super moisturizing and soak into the skin nicely. I love to use mine on my legs before bed and I always use Heavanilli for this because it's a larger massage bar.  It has an ok scent—I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. Heavanilli also leaves my skin with a bit of s glow to it, which I really love! There are other lush massage bars out there with glitter in them that would make you're legs a little sparkly (Silk Stockings is one example), but I don't really want sparkle on my legs, so I stick to the regular ones. I keep this on my nightstand and put it on before bed, especially on my knees which tend to get dry.

My favorite massage bar for an actual massage though, is Soft Coeur. It smells amazing and has a real chunk of chocolate in it! Husband and I love trading massages with this because of the scent and because it soaks into your skin in a way lotions and oils don't really do. Since it's a solid bar, you also get to avoid that terrible, shocking feeling of cold lotion falling on your skin. Soft Coeur is not something I us on my legs because it's a smaller massage bar. Heavanilli is $10.95 for 1.9 oz (which will last a long time) and Soft Coeur is $8.95 1 oz. For the extra $2.00 I get twice as much product and that's definitely worth it!

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