Friday, June 26, 2015

Feeling Anxious

One of the things I like most about Trendy Edgy Chic is that it feels a bit like a diary for me. Someplace I can stick my thoughts and just put them out into the world. I always feel better after I do.

Today I am feeling anxious. And frustrated. You see, I have no idea why I’m feeling anxious. There is no reason for it. And that makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. I can’t do anything to fix it because these feelings don’t really have a cause. 

It’s natural to get a bit worked up over a test or a project or just something. But nothing? Yea, that’s not normal. And I’m not really used to the feeling either.

As I am writing this, I’m wondering what I can do to make myself feel better. When I am anxious about a thing, having an identifiable cause makes me feel better. I can do something about that. I don’t really know how to make feeling this way over nothing disappear though. Should I go work out? Just get out of the house? Take a brief walk? Call a friend for distraction? I. Don’t. Know.

So my question to you, lovely reader, is what do I do? Have you dealt with this before? If so how? 

I am in need of some help.


PS: The answer for me ended up being writing. Creating this post and a few that you’ll see next week had a very calming effect and just made me feel so much better. 


  1. I get like this sometimes and it sucks. Music calms me, and a long shower. You write? Awesome!

    1. It really does! I don't write books or anything, I just write on here and that makes me feel better because its kind of like my journal.